Making peace with my epidural

Delivering in Portland, Oregon, where “epidural” is practically a four-letter word, puts pressure on many mamas to have a “natural” childbirth. In my personal essay, I explore how I came to terms with delivering my daughter with the help of modern medicine. Read Making Peace with my Epidural, Metro Parent, September 2014.

5 Ways to Combat C-Section Judgement

Who would better know how to fend off judgmental quips (from others and yourself) about having a cesarean than an OB who delivered all three of her own kids in the OR? Here’s how to own your c-section birth story. Read 5 Ways to Combat C-Section Judgement or see the story online at

What Doctors and Nurses Tell Their Friends

We got experts who welcome babies on the daily to dish on all the important stuff you won’t hear in childbirth class or the OB’s office. From staying flexible when things take a Judd Apatow-esque turn to getting the best recovery treatment, this guide is guaranteed to make you feel confident before the big day…

Have a Health Epiphany

You—not outside forces or fate—can bring about a day that changed everything. Whether you want to swear off sugar or shake up your social life, this is your guide to making positive changes stick. View Have a Health Epiphany, Natural Health, July/August 2014

Rock Your First Birth

Addressing your labor and delivery fears makes you more confident—and better able to use the techniques you learned in childbirth class. View Rock Your First Birth, Fit Pregnancy, April/May 2014

Is a Green Job Your Dream Job?

Jobs in the new green economy give you a chance to advance your career and invest in a bright future for generations to come. Here are the top green gigs plus ways to befriend the earth in any office. View Is a Green Job Your Dream Job?, SELF, April 2011