Ways to Treat a Hangover

The holidays just wouldn’t be the holidays without a drink… or four. Bypass next-day distress with pre- and post-party damage control. Whole Living, December 2012 View How to Treat a Hangover, Whole Living, December 2012

Play Your Way Slim

Your mom probably told you to go out and play; now one of the leading women’s fitness magazines agrees! This outdoor workout, designed to take place on common playground equipment, offers eight original moves to scorch calories and tone trouble spots. SELF, October 2008 View Play Your Way Slim, SELF, October 2008

Family Forever

My mother, sisters and I got inked to commemorate a decade of my mom’s remission from breast cancer. Pink ribbon tattoos represent our indelible bond after surviving as a family, I write in the annual Women’s Cancer Handbook. SELF, October 2009 View Family Forever, SELF, October 2009

Great Expectations

The positive psychology practice of hope therapy can alleviate mild mood disorders and boost happiness—all without lengthy sessions on the couch or expensive medications. Ode, Spring 2010 View Great Expectations, Ode, Spring 2010

Get Gutsy

Everyday courage isn’t innate; it can be taught, and positive psychology’s leading experts reveal how to make bravery a part of your personality. SELF, October 2008 View Get Gutsy, SELF, October 2008

Adventures in Composting

What happens when a city dweller learns how to compost outside her urban apartment? I tried my hand at turning my trash into “black gold” to nourish the impoverished soil in my Harlem home. SELF, April 2008 View Adventures in Composting, SELF, April 2008