Chicago youth trained in tech

Chicago-based nonprofit i.c.stars works in three cities to train a more diverse IT workforce. After an intensive four-month training, graduates are equipped with the technical skills and business leadership to thrive in tech-enabled jobs. My role: Conceptualize, pitch, direct creative, interview subjects, direct photo shoot, edit video, for client Microsoft Philanthropies. Segments of this video…

Does tear gas affect menstruation?

Law enforcement has used chemical crowd control agents across the U.S. this summer. Protestors and some experts suspect tear gas exposure is causing abrupt and painful changes to menstrual cycles. Read Tear Gaslighting: Is There a Link Between Protesting and Messed Up Periods? Marie Claire, August 2020

Zero Waste Tips

You don’t have to be a full-on zero waster—someone who goes to great length to create close to no garbage whatsoever—to learn from these tips that benefit the environment. Pick and choose from real-life zero wasters’ advice to shrink your own trash footprint—and your eco-guilt. Read Zero Waste Tips in Real Simple, September 2019

The trip of a lifetime: Does microdosing psilocybin ease anxiety?

Women across the United States and beyond are taking their mental health in their own hands by microdosing magic mushrooms. Online networks and friends teach each other how to take small amounts of mushrooms containing psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in ‘shrooms, several times a week. Initial research shows the possibility that microdosing mushrooms could have…

Festival of Balloons near Portland, Oregon

This weekend-long hot air balloon festival near Portland, Oregon is your chance to see the enormous balloons up close. Here, I share what it’s really like to soar in the clouds using nothing but hot air, how to make the most of the Festival of Balloons in Tigard, OR, and a tip to get a…

7 ways to be more joyful every day / Catherine Ryan Gregory

7 Ways to Make Your Life More Joyful

Neuroscience explains how the Fijian principles of happiness can cultivate long-term joy. This article, sponsored by the Fijian tourism board, shares how anyone can adopt the Bula philosophy—no matter where in the world they are. Read the article on Thrive Global or download it to read later.

Portland's mead scene pairs perfectly with this Oregon city's dedication to the environment—and to its foodie identity.

Portland’s buzzing mead scene

Mead pairs perfectly with Portland’s quirky booze scene: The alcoholic drink, made from honey, aligns with Portland’s commitment to the environment and its love of out of the ordinary foodie experiences. Read Mead in and around Portland, Travel Portland