Zero Waste Tips

You don’t have to be a full-on zero waster—someone who goes to great length to create close to no garbage whatsoever—to learn from these tips that benefit the environment. Pick and choose from real-life zero wasters’ advice to shrink your own trash footprint—and your eco-guilt. Read Zero Waste Tips in Real Simple, September 2019

Is a Green Job Your Dream Job?

Jobs in the new green economy give you a chance to advance your career and invest in a bright future for generations to come. Here are the top green gigs plus ways to befriend the earth in any office. View Is a Green Job Your Dream Job?, SELF, April 2011

Adventures in Composting

What happens when a city dweller learns how to compost outside her urban apartment? I tried my hand at turning my trash into “black gold” to nourish the impoverished soil in my Harlem home. SELF, April 2008 View Adventures in Composting, SELF, April 2008