Zero Waste Tips

You don’t have to be a full-on zero waster—someone who goes to great length to create close to no garbage whatsoever—to learn from these tips that benefit the environment. Pick and choose from real-life zero wasters’ advice to shrink your own trash footprint—and your eco-guilt. Read Zero Waste Tips in Real Simple, September 2019

Portland's mead scene pairs perfectly with this Oregon city's dedication to the environment—and to its foodie identity.

Portland’s buzzing mead scene

Mead pairs perfectly with Portland’s quirky booze scene: The alcoholic drink, made from honey, aligns with Portland’s commitment to the environment and its love of out of the ordinary foodie experiences. Read Mead in and around Portland, Travel Portland

Is a Green Job Your Dream Job?

Jobs in the new green economy give you a chance to advance your career and invest in a bright future for generations to come. Here are the top green gigs plus ways to befriend the earth in any office. View Is a Green Job Your Dream Job?, SELF, April 2011

Adventures in Composting

What happens when a city dweller learns how to compost outside her urban apartment? I tried my hand at turning my trash into “black gold” to nourish the impoverished soil in my Harlem home. SELF, April 2008 View Adventures in Composting, SELF, April 2008