Adventures in babysitting

Parents rarely get a moment to themselves—which is why we’re so obsessed with babysitters. Here’s a letter to a babysitter before we escape to dinner freedom. Read Adventures in Babysitting, PDX Parent, November 2016 or read it online.

Future Tense

When President Trump was elected, I didn’t know how it would affect my family. But with the New Year, we are getting involved in family activism. Read Future Tense, PDX Parent, January 2017 or read it online.

Two daughters, opposite needs

One daughter wanted nothing to do with me; the other one refused anyone else. This stage in motherhood was absolutely exhausting. Read Two daughters, opposite needs, PDX Parent, March 2017 or read it online.

Computer science education develops a better future for families

TEALS, the Microsoft-led grassroots program to bring computer science education to underserved schools, can make an enormous difference not only in the lives of students but also of entire families. Volunteers in one Austin, Texas TEALS class found that the opportunities they offered students changed the way the kids thought about their future—for the better.…

Flying with a toddler Alaska Air

Up in the Air

Flying with a baby and toddler solo is no picnic. But as I write in this Metro Parent column, flying with kids helped me find compassion in the least likely of places. Read Up in the Air, Metro Parent February 2016.

Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit Concern case study

Reliable tech helps combat poverty

With a donation of Microsoft Office 365 for Nonprofit, Concern—an Ireland-based organization that battles poverty—can better help the world’s most vulnerable populations overcome hardship. Read the Microsoft Philanthropies case study here, or view the PDF.

Put a pin in it!

This primer to acupuncture—the ancient practice that both alternative pros and mainstream M.D.s applaud—pinpoints everything you need to know to feel great. Read Put a pin in it!, Natural Health September/October 2014

Wishful thinking

Holidays with kids entail a deluge of gifts from well-meaning friends and family. Here is my wish list for our girls’ presents—a list a little different than you might expect. Read Wishful Thinking, Metro Parent, December 2015.

Having a second child essay

Take Two

Having a second child means a lesson in patience, for everyone in the family. Read Take Two, Metro Parent, October 2015.